It’s been a lot of fun chatting with Seattle-based Sheryl Brown this week. Sheryl is a life coach and a family therapist as well as creating healing art (and other inspirational pieces). The path to her creations has been very interesting and we loved interviewing her. Read on for some fabulous holiday gift ideas.

Sheryl, tell us when painting came into your life and how you became inspired with acrylic paints in such a beautiful array of both soft and bold colors.

My first set of water color paints had me jazzing up a storybook I had around age 6….at about the same time I scratched my name into the TV set.. early signature practice?

Also at age 6, I drew something with pencil (for a school exercise) to represent flames, and it really looked like flames. I distinctly recall saying to myself, I must be an artist..!

As to my array of colors, even though I personally favor blue greens, blue reds and blue violets, I am a full spectrum color lover. The softer colors can be expressive of contemplative introspection, and the bolder colors can lend themselves to energetic action taking. It all feels good to me 😉

How can purchasing one of your paintings inspire our lives and help us heal?

Purchasing one of my paintings, prints or silk scarves can inspire and help you heal in the way that it has that meaning to you. Many of my art fans do say my work has a healing quality. That really touches me, as I truly feel that healing art is a theme that runs through everything I do.

Do you have recommendations on how to interact with your art once we purchase it and place in our homes?

A good way to interact with art you’ve invested in and installed in your home or office, is to take a few quiet moments to sit and gaze at it, close your eyes and think of what inspirations come up for you in that moment, then open your eyes and jot them down in a journal. Or just take a quick look as you pass by and decide what you need for the day.

I’ve had a writer very deliberately choose one of my paintings that especially helped her go deep within to prepare for her writing.

One of my favorites is Chakra Mountain. What was your inspiration for such bold beautiful colors?

This one has a special story behind it, as many of my works have.

First of all, I had painted Chakra Shower from looking at a candle in similar colors. Worried that I had overworked the painting, I immediately tried a do over, one which I named Chakra Dance. I later realized that each had a very different energy, and were equally loved.

Much later, a friend saw those two and was reminded of the gay pride symbol, and specifically asked me to do another version with the colors inverted. Thus, Chakra Mountain.

You’ve got other products like scarves and screen savers! I love the vortex screen saver. What healing properties would there be from wearing one of your inspirations or looking at one in a screen saver?

I’m a firm believer that things have the meaning you give to them. I can have a meaning as I paint something that can acquire a new meaning to me later, that can have an entirely different meaning to each of several other persons. And I am totally okay with that. What one person sees as dark can look positive to another and vice versa. Life After Life is one such painting.

More than one person has hung one of my works upside down or sideways, even I have done it..!

sheryl brown art
You mention on your website your process of painting is like a walk in the woods – you never know what’s around the corner. Do you like to live your life the way you like to paint? How so?

That would be telling.. Oh, okay, I will tell you 😉

In many ways that is very true, but not all the time in every situation. After all, one cannot be too predictable. I am definitely a random abstract individual, but know there is a time and a place for being concrete and/or sequential. Also, I do have an adventurous, inquisitive streak. So, just enough structure to make life sane.

Do you have any advice for customers who love your artwork and want to take that leap to try painting for the first time themselves?

My shortest piece of advice is not original to me, and that is, just do it..!

Don’t make it over-complicated before just starting. Buy a few colors and brushes, and paper or canvas. The folks in the art stores are very helpful in directing you.

Another way to take the leap is to join a class or my community art group on Facebook. Other artists can be a great source of encouragement. You can also connect with me on my Facebook business page.