About the Shop

Carolyn Jankovskis, the owner and designer of V2 Design comes from a family of artists, architects, writers, nature lovers and nurturers. Art, in any form, delights her, but she gets the greatest sense of satisfaction from creating jewelry that combines my love of nature, sculpture, and architecture.

At a young age, Carolyn became intrigued by the symbolism used in ancient Latvian jewelry. The history of it and its link with Viking adornment have greatly influenced her work, and she’s been further inspired by the strong connection Latvians have with nature and craft.

Much of the jewelry Carolyn creates borrows from the Nordic, Baltic, and Pagan history and traditions of her ancestors.

Symbolism, alchemy, divination, and metaphysics in addition to evolution, and astrophysics… these a just a few of the topics she loves to explore and incorporate into her work.

Carolyn Jankovskis lives and works in Toronto. She began designing and creating with precious metals when she happened upon jewelry design at the Ontario College of Art. As a former student of sculpture and graphic design, Carolyn uses the principles learned from those disciplines in her designs.

Every piece of V2 Design jewelry is made by hand, using ethically sourced and recycled materials whenever possible.