About the Shop

In the great northwest of America, at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in Missoula Montana, there lies a jewel of culinary experience – Posh Chocolat.

Ana and Jason Willenbrock, husband and wife team, are creating one of the world’s most celebrated and sought after delights. Together, these passionate chocolatiers, source the highest quality cacao beans, creating the most pure and highest quality chocolate. Combined with their eclectic ingredients and artisanal techniques, Jason and Ana create nothing less than works of art.

Their handcrafted artisanal truffles and pastries are of quality only paralleled to those created in France and abroad, but each with an individual flare. Posh Chocolat prides itself on using only the finest single origin chocolate from the South American region. Innovative truffle flavors and exotic combinations are founded through their passions and love of foods from all over the world. They have captured the essence of various spices, herbs, and glorious fragrant notes that excite the palate as well as sooth the senses.

Jason believes in the integrity of the truffle, “Chocolate is an amazing vessel to carry the finest seasonings and products that represent world cuisine”. According to Ana, “Chocolate makes everything in life better, period”.


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