About the Shop

What do your accessories say about your style? Are they unique or generic?

I’m Oksana Belo, Founder and Designer of OBELO jewelry. I believe in recognizing each woman’s individuality and complementing it with unique jewelry. Because wouldn’t you agree, accessories are key to elevating a look? You can wear a simple black dress, but add a one-of-a-kind necklace or earrings and your look is instantly transformed into something more personal and stunning.

OBELO jewelry accompanies you at work and play, while showcasing the elegance of your spirit.

My story: I realized the desire to invest in quality pieces that truly complement me. Buying fast and cheap fashion is an immediate fix, but usually the satisfaction with it is just as fleeting. Wearing the same clothes and accessories as every other girl doesn’t make me feel special, and it says nothing about my taste, other than it’s common and mass produced. Is that really how I want to be perceived (when I go on a dream date or after my dream job)? I’d much rather cultivate my own irreplaceable allure.

I decided to solve this problem by creating my own jewelry line. I’ve always been creative, (graduated from a Music Academy, attended Art Institute and done a number of artistic projects,) yet jewelry design was new to me. I remember going to my first gem fair and buying materials that resonated with me.

Pearls: for their class, elegance and radiance. They look smart in the office, and glow mysteriously at night. Out of the countless stones available, I picked milky-blue opal, which reminded me of blue skies and water, so calming to the eye and soul. Swarovski Crystals add a dash of glam and sparkle in a candlelight… and sunlight. Jewelry wire was my choice to connect all those parts, because of the possibility of shapes and textures I can form with it.

After studying countless books on jewelry design, and trusting my intuition, I made the first collection. And lo and behold, women started ordering from me!

First my girlfriends, then ladies at Starbucks, cafés, even on the streets I got stopped to ask where I bought my earrings? (Case in point, my bestselling Biwa earrings.) It was the most amazing feeling to recognize I’ve created a product that spoke to women and helped them with their need and desire to be beautiful, feel unique and complimented.

Here’s to a chic, unique you!

xx Oksana Belo