About the Shop

Enjoy the finest gourmet garlic experience or share with a friend. Take the ordinary to extraordinary taste and flavor with USDA organic certified premium ingredients. 100% authentic & delicious.

Enjoy organic olive oil infused with garlic. Or top your salad’s with organic garlic vinaigrette dressings – 100% tasty & sugar free.

Experience the incredible crunchy divine garlic nuggets. They are premium bits of garlic toasted to perfection in olive oil for a crunchy bit of incredible garlic flavor. Impress your friends and family.

Want more garlic flavor without bitterness? This has blown many chefs away – top your meals with the original “Garlic Gold.” It’s extra virgin olive oil infused with garlic and chopped garlic bits for an extra garlic punch.

Meet a garlic lovers best friend – butter’s more sophisticated cousin when you try, serve or give Garlic Gold products.



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