About the Shop

144 Collection started as a simple hobby for me. I began taking sewing lessons as an exciting activity that would let me express my creative side. As I continued with my lessons, I found that I really loved making patterns and designing handbags. I wanted to create handbags that no one else had.

I took my love of both and in February 2006 launched 144 Collection. I met Mary Sue (Sewing Susie) in June 2006 after she answered an ad I placed for a seamstress. We have been working together ever since. We share stories about life, crafting, and the weather (Susie lives in Michigan). Mary Sue is a wonderful crafter who also crochets, quilts, knits, and does beadwork. She is an irreplaceable part of the 144 Collection team.

The number 144 comes from my old apartment address where I first began sewing. My logo also pays homage to the place I started sewing (its my building!).

Each handbag and wristlet is unique whether it is my choice of fabric or design. I love color and retro prints. As my passion grows, I am constantly looking for new things to create. I added baby accessories in 2010 after having 3 friends who were all having babies around the same time.

My hope is that people will have as much fun with my handbags and accessories as I do designing them.


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