Seaside Breeze Wood Wick Soy Candle


Wood Wick

Our wood wick candles give the perfect fire crackle when being burned. Our wood wicks are specifically created for our 12 oz mason jar candle.

Mason Jar Candles

The seaside breeze mason wood wick jar candle will give any room that ocean-side feel. Growing up at the Jersey Shore, we know the feeling of having your toes in the sand and the ambiance of the whole setting. Our seaside breeze candle brings this feeling to any room in your home!

All of our fragrances are Pthalate free! Pthalates are additives that add flexibility to plastic, so why on Earth would you want them burning in your home? At Mason Jar Candles & Co. you do not have to worry about that!

Each of our mason jar candles are homemade in small batches so that they are given the proper care they deserve. Each fragrance oil comes from one of the best companies in the business because we care about our customers and the products they receive.

Our candles are created with the same ideals that our parents instilled in us from a young age. If you want people to think of you as the best, then you must be the best and at Mason Jar Candles & Co. we know this to be true.

The burn time for each of our candles are listed below. Many candle companies give the longest burn time that has been tested. We give the time on the lower end of our results. Longer burn times is just another bonus of soy wax candles.

12 oz candle burn time is approximately ~50 hours.

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