We’ve been hanging out with the folks from Prancing Leopard Organics who sell amazing organic clothing this week. This indie brand is all about yoga, fair trade and style. Personally, I think you will love their products and website – especially if you care about what you put on your body.

Where did the name of your business come from and how did you get started?

We are inspired by the Snow Leopards, an endangered species in the Mountains of Eurasia. Proud and free, like our customers – independent and beautiful – each in their own way.


You had me at zebra printed yoga pants. Please tell us your inspiration for artisan knit styles and what pants you cannot live without.

Our zebra printed yoga pants and yoga tops are inspired by our love for nature, which is why we are so focused on organic business and sustainability. Our artisan knits grew out of a desire to give back to the women artisans – whose design, love of knitting and traditions are so valuable. A large part of the proceeds of these items goes to these underserved women.

Tell us about your malas & jewelry line. What makes them so unique and how can they enhance your yoga practice
and life?

Our malas and jewelry are individual art pieces hand-made by artist, Sevda Holland. They are an expression of the joy of meditation and yoga – each one specifically made from a mix of traditional materials like Turkmen tassels, Chinese porcelain beads, African recycled glass, silver beads from Hindu-Kush area, etc. Each one is substantial and has a special energy about them, they feel especially good when held in the hands or used in meditation. They also happen to be beautiful objects of art – so they have both an artistic and a meditative side.


Tell us about your men’s line of organic clothing. What are the unique needs of men’s yoga wear and how does Prancing Leopard Organics meet this need?

Our men’s yoga items originated from the need for organic clothing alternatives to the common yoga styles for men. Items with timeless style, which feel light and comfortable in any situation or any pose. To look good, feel good, do good and be good.

If our readers and followers only have one minute to check you out, what is the one message that you would like them to take away?

Prancing Leopard makes fashion-forward yoga clothing that is super comfortable and looks great in the studio, on the street and even out on the town. Prancing Leopard is 100% committed to organic lifestyle, sustainability and protection of all species. Prancing Leopard supports under served women artisans, frequently home-bound, so they can earn their own income without leaving the home. Prancing Leopard creates malas and jewelry from antique and vintage materials which are in effect timeless wearable art pieces – and sources of joy and well being in meditation.


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