Meet Pauletta Brooks of Pauletta Brooks Wearable Art.

You create absolutely gorgeous jewelry! What made you decide to start your own business?

Years ago, I had been searching desperately for some special earrings to style a fashion show with and eventually wound up designing my own jewelry pieces instead. One thing ultimately led to another! You can read the full story and bio here.

The stones that you use are amazing. Do you have a favorite stone to work with and how do you come up with ideas on what to create next?

One of my favorite stones is Astrophylite. It is a rare mineral and has so many varying colors and textures running throughout its structure. Metaphysically, it is meant to inspire you with knowledge and bring you calm…even the name sounds magical and otherworldly! See Astrophylite here – or- here. Another favorite is Turquoise, as it always reminds me of summertime and is the perfect stone to represent both the land and sea. See Turquoise here. I try to keep the stones and minerals in as ‘raw’ a state as possible and let THEM dictate to ME what I should do with them!


Since the holiday shopping season is around the corner, what are some suggestions that you can make for gift giving? ?

Well, you can buy things that are duplicated and seen and worn by EVERYONE, or you can be selective and give a gift that is UNIQUE and truly ONE Of A KIND. With a gift from Mother Nature herself, you have no choice but to have it be unique!

Do you have special pieces that you are developing for the holiday season and if so, what are they?

I am working on a few custom order pieces right now and will also be having a huge blow out private Christmas Sale at my studio. I have so many pieces that are not posted in my Etsy store since it takes so much time to photograph everything, but they will be available at my sale. Interested customers can contact me directly via email or follow me on Instagram.