I’m sure that most of you will agree with me that it’s wonderful to be able to give back. This week, we’re chatting with Mary Jane Marcasiano from Made with Love Project. They create handcrafted jewelry supporting charities in Africa and Brazil. On her website, you can see the list of charities that they support along with amazing jewelry handcrafted by women in these countries who are being paid a fair wage.

Read on for our interview…

Made With Love Bracelets could not be more perfect for Valentine’s Day! Could you share how gifting one will benefit those in need in Africa and Brazil?

The mission of the Made With Love Project is to help women and children in need. Our products from Brazil and Africa help women support their families through their handwork and, at the same time, our sales help support centers for homeless and abused children in those countries. Every time you buy our handcrafted jewelry or spread the word, you are helping change someone’s life for the better.

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Your Valentine’s Day mix bracelets with gift bag makes it so easy to shop for a gift this year. Which ones do you love to gift the most and why?

The Valentine’s Day mix and the multicolor sets are a great place to start your love affair with Made With Love! When you gift them, it gives the recipient the chance to enjoy our array of colors. They usually get addicted and start to buy the other colors on their own.

Where do you get your inspiration for your designs like the Liberty of London bracelet? It’s so unique. I’ve never seen anything like it.

The Liberty of London bracelets were inspired by the creativity of Brazilian women’s handwork. The women making these bracelets pick the prints that they like from fabrics donated to us by Liberty of London. They choose the colors and themes of their embroidery, so each one is unique and personally Made With Love!


The theme with much of your jewelry appears to be color, color, color. Which heritage most inspired this rich influence of color for the bracelets?

I’m definitely influenced by the cultures I work in. Africa and Brazil are both places were people wear and enjoy color and are creative with their accessories. After my first travels to Rio and Dakar, I shed my NY black uniform and embraced wearing color and fun accessories.


These bracelets are quite famous, seen on celebrities across the globe. How did that happen? What is the number one factor for the success of Made With Love Project?

The success of the Made With Love Project has been organic and completely word-of-mouth, including our celebrity supporters. When you wear the bracelets, they become a conversation starter and people love to share the information because of the good causes they support.

Chris Martin admired them on a mutual friend’s wrist and they ended up on two Coldplay world tours! Everyone becomes an ambassador by wearing and sharing. Made With Love, sold with love and worn with love….

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