It was great to catch up with Steve Clay of Plumeria Bay this week. Based in Washington state, Steve and his daughter have built a business that brings raving fans the ultimate in luxury bedding.

How did Plumeria Bay get started as a resource for luxury bedding?

In 2002, I started Plumeria Bay with my daughter, Nichelle. We had purchased a down comforter that was advertised as one of the best available, with the manufacturer using terms like “pure goose down” and “baffled box construction”.

We were a bit disappointed with our purchase and started to do some real research. Over the next few months, we learned a lot. The most important thing that led to the birth of Plumeria Bay was the discovery that there were actually very few manufacturers offering truly top quality goose down products, and a whole gaggle of merchants offering lesser quality products.

I saw that as an opportunity.

Today, in 2016, there are even more merchants offering “average” quality down comforters and pillows. The one thing that has not changed is that there are still relatively few merchants offering the finest quality goose down bedding.

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How do customers decide which down comforters are right for their life?

All of our comforters are nice, from The Cascadia to our Eiderdown. so we recommend that you purchase within your budget. Once you decide on budget, the next decision is the “warmth level”.

For most people, our “Light Warmth” is a great choice for year round use, but we offer a wide range of warmth levels from Ultra Light to our Klondike Winter warmth. We have a “Warmth Guide” that talks about each warmth level. We also have videos of each warmth level.

What is the proper way to take care of a goose down feather comforter and how long can you expect these amazing comforters to last?

Caring for your Plumeria Bay down comforter is easy.

Use a duvet cover to protect the comforter from stains and soiling. Give it a couple of shakes in the morning when you make your bed to fluff the comforter. Don’t sit or lay on top of it, since repeatedly crushing the down clusters will shorten their life. Our down comforters are guaranteed for 20 years against defects in materials or manufacture. This includes our guarantee that the down will not leak or shift, provided that care instructions are followed. Our down comforter care instructions can be found here.


Which Plumeria Bay bedding could you absolutely never live without?

Well, I wouldn’t go so far as to say we could absolutely never live without….but…..Whenever we travel and spend the night in another bed, we are reminded at how spoiled we are. We use the Eiderdown comforter in the Winter Warmth, paired with the Sferra Giza 45 Percale duvet cover.

Eiderdown has a phenomenal “comfort range”, meaning that it will keep you warmer when it is cold, and cooler when the weather is warm, compared to any goose down, so since we prefer to sleep with the windows open, even during the winter, the Eiderdown is amazing. If I had to give up our eiderdown, I’d choose the Apres, in the Light warmth for year around use and close the windows during the coldest nights. We have all of our pillows on our bed. The Cascadia pillows mostly serve as bolsters, with the Traditional Luxury & Plumeria pillows serving as dream keepers.


From the pictures on your website, I imagine there’s a risk that you could be so cozy comfortable in bed that getting up and out for the day could not happen. Has this ever happened to you and how do you recommend customers peel themselves from the luxury of linens to start the day?

Ha, lol. I suppose that’s an occupational hazard for us, but I prefer to call it product research. 🙂 For those that do not have this luxury, perhaps I can paraphrase Shakespeare, from Romeo & Juliet: “Good day, good day! Parting is such sweet sorrow. That I shall say good day till it be morrow.”