This week, we’ve happily been chatting with Kim Girouard. Kim’s brand, Kiki Bird Jewelry, is handcrafted in the Midwest and we can guarantee that any jewelry lover would love something from Kiki Bird this holiday season. Read on for more about this most special indie shop.

Okay, so your name. You’ve got to tell us how you got the name Kiki Bird for your amazing jewelry line.

What is in the name Kiki Bird Jewelry?  I have my parents to thank for that!  No, really, I do! My real name is Kimberly. Since I can remember, my parents would call me Kiki Bird.  Quite frankly, I am not sure how Kiki Bird came from Kimberly, but we will go with it!  Anyway, my parents have always supported me in all my adventures, so, I thought using the name Kiki Bird would let them know how thankful I am to have them as parents as well as their unending support. Thanks, mom and dad!

How was Kiki Bird Jewelry born and what makes it like no other jewelry?

Wow!  Talk about having to think way back!  I’ll try to make a long story short…

Sometime in 2005, my mom started taking jewelry classes. Of course I thought this was just a phase.  Anyway, she was constantly telling me I should try this jewelry making.  Being a bit on the stubborn side, I refused.  Finally after about 8 months, I gave in and took an earring making class.  What a fool I was because I LOVED IT!  I couldn’t wait to create more and more jewelry!

And that is what I did, made tons more jewelry.  So what was I going to do with this jewelry I was making? Because quite honestly, I don’t even wear jewelry!  That is when I decided to sell my jewelry at a flea market.  Now, I wasn’t making the jewelry I am currently making. But it went off without a hitch.  I actually sold my jewelry!  Next thing I knew, I was selling at craft shows.  Then, with a different form of handcrafted jewelry, I entered into juried art shows and was asked to be in art galleries. In October of 2014, I saw this kind of jewelry called fold forming on the internet.  I had no idea how I was going to do it, but I was going to teach myself how to make jewelry using this technique. And, I did.

A unique type of jewelry, Kiki Bird Jewelry is made from a flat sheet of metal. It is folded, hammered many times, and annealed (yes, I get to play with a torch!) several times to obtain the finished piece.

You say you use an organic and intuitive process and that you have no conscious forethought of the end design while creating a piece of jewelry. When do you find yourself inspired to do your best work and why?

When creating jewelry for Kiki Bird Jewelry, I never really know or have a vision for what it will look like in the end. I do not draw a design or think of a design before I start creating. When asked how that can be, my answer is always, “I’m not sure.” I really try and let the material talk to me and let the folds lie where they may. You see, I suffer from depression. Severely. One way I get myself grounded is through art, kind of an art therapy for myself. Sometimes I paint but my love is to make jewelry. I am most inspired when I am alone and in my own little world.

kiki bird bracelet
Let’s talk about these copper cuff bracelets, shall we? These must make you feel powerful when you slip one on. How can we expect to feel when we buy one and wear it?

Wonder Woman. That’s how I want women to feel when they put on a piece of Kiki Bird Jewelry. Women need to feel beautiful and empowered. I hope when a woman puts on a piece of Kiki Bird Jewelry, she realizes how unique she is. Just like a piece of Kiki Bird handcrafted jewelry.

I love your “Setting Moon” copper necklace. It’s so intricate yet makes such a statement. How long does something like this take to make and does each one have a special meaning to you?

Creating a piece of jewelry nowadays from Kiki Bird takes a bit of time. Setting Moon Necklace took about 5 hours to make from flat sheet metal to completed necklace. The minimum time it takes for any piece of handcrafted jewelry from sheet metal to finished piece is approximately 2 hours. I definitely put my heart and soul into each piece. However, it isn’t really how each piece is special to me. I find it much more important for the person who purchases from Kiki Bird Jewelry to feel like a million bucks.

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