If you have are a pet lover or know of a pet lover, then I am sure you’ll agree that gifts for pets are very important. Based in beautiful Eugene, Oregon, K9 Bytes is owned by Shannon Barnard – a dedicated pet lover herself. You will LOVE the collars, blankets, treats and other accessories that can be purchased from this wonderful indie shop. Read on for our interview with Shannon.

Tell us which pets in your life inspired your business featuring gifts for pets and pet lovers. What are their names?

I grew up with a grey cat named Henry. Cats are great and I thought I was a cat person, until my husband insisted we go “look at” some puppies. I didn’t want to see the puppies because I knew we would come home with one. Ted E. Bear started my dog and Cocker Spaniel obsession. I’ve also shared my life with litter mates, Oreo and Mocha. It was when I was raising them that I started K9 Bytes and my life really became centered around pets and the fun products that I make for them. They were great taste testers as I was developing my treat recipes. Rogue is the current English Cocker Spaniel joy of my life. He gets to model the collars and of course approves the treats.

What makes your dog collars, cat collars, and more really unique and why will our pets love to wear them?

My collars are handmade from soft, cotton fabric. They are available in a variety of colorful fabric patterns including holiday designs. The wide selection makes it easy to find collars that help you express the love of your pet. You can find a collar that matches your color preference, holiday celebration, pet’s personality or maybe even their name. The collars and leashes are machine washable, so they are easy to care for, too.

handmade dog collars

You’ve got a collar for just about every occasion. The Hanukkah one is just too cute! How do you come up with the designs and which is the most popular?

It’s very enjoyable to look at fabric samples and select the fun patterns to use for the collars and leashes. A lot of customers choose a collar for each holiday. The very patriotic American flag collar is one of the all-time favorites.

Tell us more about your gourmet dog treats. Why do dogs love them so much and which flavors are the most popular?

I like to say the treats are handmade with love. They are made in small batches with the same quality ingredients you buy for the rest of your family. There are no preservatives or salt added, they are simply baked until crunchy. The Oatmeal Peanut Butter treats continue to be the favorite variety. Cats can even get in on the action with the Tuna & Cheese variety (dogs love them too).


What sort of behavior can dog and cat owners expect to see in their pets while wearing your collars? Will our pets be better behaved?

I think pets know when they have a special collar on. When you’ve picked a collar just for them, they know you are showing them your love and hold their head a little higher.


I see you have a shipping special. Free shipping on orders $50 or more. Is this for a limited time or is this a permanent perk for shopping at K9 Bytes?

It’s a perk! I’ve recently started offering free shipping on orders of $50+. It makes it a little easier for my customers who have multiple pets or would like to change collars often.

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