This week, the spotlight is on Garlic Gold..

Located in Ventura, California, Garlic Gold’s products are all certified and labeled organic and GMO free.

Why garlic? How did garlic get to be something that you wanted to start a business in?

The story of Garlic Gold® began in an 8th grade economics class when the founders son Orion Brutoco and three friends met with the founder Rinaldo Brutoco, a serial entrepreneur, to learn what it took to build a business from scratch. The students decided they wanted to bring a new product to life and sell.

Step one: The students engage a parental volunteer (an entrepreneur) to learn economics:

They knew they needed to learn how to make a product, price it, brand it and learn about associated costs with running a business. The founder agreed to meet with the students once a week after school to guide them through the process. The rest is history.

Step two: The select, research & develop a product:

The founder and his family are classic, authentic Italians. The product started when they were together in their home kitchen. In that magical kitchen, an incredible garlic treat was born. Today you will know it as “Original Garlic Gold”, a toasted garlic and olive oil condiment which can be spooned on to any dish to recreate the taste of Italy in every bite. Over time they perfect the blending and toasting process, which eventually became a proprietary secret family recipe.

The clear winner was Original Garlic Gold, a perfect product to use for the 8th grade economics class. During the class, a brain storming session was held to name and brand the product. The young entrepreneurs noticed the flecks of organic golden garlic nuggets floating in the organic extra virgin olive oil and it reminded them of mining for gold. Then someone blurted out “Garlic Gold!” and the students knew at that moment had a winning name. In fact, to this day, the branding has remained as a tribute to the students in the 8th grade class.

Step three: The students started selling the product at the farmers market in Ojai, CA.

In the beginning, everything was done by hand, from chopping the garlic to bottling and labeling the product. Garlic Gold became a success and a larger kitchen was needed.

A local restaurant in town that was going out of business. To cover the cost of rent for the kitchen, they needed to open a family restaurant, ShangriLa Gourmet, “A Natural Foods Cafe.” They became the first certified organic kitchen in Ventura County, California.

If you ate at the restaurant you were treated like family and this made it a favorite in the town of Ojai.
About this time, Emeril Lagasse discovered our product when his sister had some in her pantry. He had to get some of his own! Emeril placed a special order from his local Whole Foods market and from then on agreed to endorse us for free because he loved it so much. Wow! We were blown away! Then much to local shoppers delight came the first large distribution account with Gelson’s Markets.

To meet shoppers demand, 8 years ago the company moved from ShangriLa Gourmet and into our larger facility in Ventura, CA. we have never cut corners in regard to labor or product costs to chop, toast, and bottle Garlic Gold. Each bottle is handcrafted to this day for you in our specially designed, organic certified kitchen facility.

The company holds a strong belief in hiring people and creating great local jobs. Employees are respected and appreciated for their commitment to the company and the product.

You can feel confident feeding Garlic Gold to your family because it is certified and labeled organic, GMO free, and a child can pronounce every ingredient we use. They know what it is and they know what they are eating. Plus, it tastes divine.

What is your favorite garlic dish and which Garlic Gold products do you use?

It’s hard to pick just one – you’ll agree!

Pasta and pizza sauce: puree of tomato and 1 shaker of Italian herb nuggets – simmer for 20 minutes.
We also love grilled artichokes with oil or meyer lemon.

We have more recipes here.


What is the strangest garlic dish you’ve ever made with Garlic Gold?

Garlic Ice Cream: Take premium tahitian vanilla ice cream and coat the top with garlic gold nuggets.

You can purchase garlic ice cream – but this so much is better – it’s crunchy and tastes almost like a peanut topping and the flavors work together. We would not have thought it would be this good but then we tried it…and wow!

What makes Garlic Gold different from other garlic products on the market?

The delicious products are 100% USDA Organic, using only extra virgin first pressed organic olive oil and organic garlic, no artificial ingredients. The products are made with proprietary formulas to enhance any dish with the full flavor of garlic. Often used by fine chefs – as their flavor is irreplaceable. Here’s what chef Emeril Lagasse had to say.

The Crunchy Garlic Gold nuggets: They are richly flavored garlic with an amazing garlic crunch. Think of them as the bacon bites of the garlic world. Nuggets are premium grade garlic toasted to perfection in rich tasting organic olive oil for a delicious flavorful taste.

They are not like other garlic products on the market such as garlic flakes and garlic salt. These are often made by taking the moisture out – drying out the garlic and pulling the delicate flavor from the product instead of complimenting it.

Infused with real organic garlic means that the garlic is actually made to be a part of the olive oil product.

Our dressings and marinades are made with pure ingredients, the fresh garlic infused olive oil and premium spices. No sugars and no artificial flavors. Just rich flavor for you to enjoy!

Most dressings have sugar. Many others – including top brands also contain: artificial flavors and they cut oils (that’s where they add canola oil or sesame oil to olive oil).

What are you recommendations for dating and kissing while using Garlic Gold products? Is there anything to help prevent the smell of garlic kisses?

Both parties enjoy the Garlic Gold together! Garlic & olive oil both have long standing reputations for being aphrodisiacs. Garlic is high in allicin, a compound that is said to increase blood flow.

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