We’ve had a great chat with Amy Hussey of ELIZA Designs LA this week. Amy is the creator of gorgeous soul nurturing jewelry – each piece has a great amount of meaning behind it. Read on for more about this California-based indie brand….

Tell us how LA fashion chic collided with stunning healing properties of stones to create jewelry that nurtures our soul. How did your company come about?

After nearly 20 years of working in the television entertainment industry, I decided to make a life change and pursue my dream. I wanted a future that combined style, spirituality, and creativity in a way that could produce something beautiful and had the potential to impact people on a more meaningful level.

For nearly a decade I have created handcrafted jewelry, more recently honing my skills, channeling my creativity and identifying the best resources to secure quality materials. With more and more frequency, I was literally stopped by people on the street, in stores and even in the airport and asked where my piece came from and how they could purchase one. With that encouragement from the universe, combined with several other significant signs, the stars aligned, my new life direction was created and ELIZA Designs LA was established. Literally a dream come true!

ELIZA Designs LA

Which pieces of jewelry do you personally love that offer special properties to feel empowered during your day?

It may be odd to say, but I am in love with all of my pieces. I don’t make anything that I wouldn’t wear. If I’m creating a piece and it starts to go in a direction I don’t love, I start it over. The ‘cages by eliza’ collection is very popular and of course features various stones that bring different energies with each piece.

People love the Herkimer Diamond cages! I myself am wearing a small sterling silver cage with a Tsavorite Garnet in it. Tsavorite Garnets help you stay on the path that is in alignment with your true-life purpose and is said to be a stone of prosperity. I’m also never without my “Pop of Powerful Healing” ring, which is a titanium quartz ring wrapped with sterling silver. Titanium quartz is a powerful healing stone because it absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy. (see attached photo.) Along with diamonds (which I am also never without), these pieces help keep me balanced.


Think of the jewelry you wear most frequently. What pieces are you always working into your wardrobe? Use the Stone Meanings tab at on our website to find insights into the energetic properties of your favorite pieces.

Why is it so fun to wear your birth stone and what is unique about the way you create earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and more with birth stones?

Birthstones are a fun way to connect with your piece and give it extra personal significance. When it comes to gifts, one that features the birthstone of the recipient makes it unique and special. Sometimes it doesn’t even have to be your birthstone that you wear. It can be that of your children, your husband, your wife or someone else that is important to your life. Personalize it!

Just this past week, I had a client purchase a peridot necklace because it is was the birthstone of her grandmother, who had recently passed, and the birthstone of her mom. She said she picked the stone so she could be “close to all of my August loved ones when I wear it.”

In addition to an emphasis on the stone meanings, the unique part about each piece of jewelry at ELIZA Designs LA is that they are handmade in Los Angeles. I am devoted to the style, detail, functionality and fine quality of each piece, as well as their energetic contributions. When I make a piece of jewelry, I want people to love wearing it not only for its distinctive design, but also for the feel good energy it infuses into their life.

If I’m being drawn toward a particular stone but am not sure why, is it true that it could be calling me to purchase it?  I can’t get my eyes off of the Soul Progress ring!  Can you talk a bit about how jewelry sometimes picks us?

I absolutely believe stones can call us and our energy can be drawn to them. I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it countless times and experienced it myself. To me it makes so much sense that these gems, stones and crystals that were created as part of the earth, would have their own energies and vibrations, and serve soulful purposes beyond their innate beauty.


Just as you have, clients are constantly connecting with pieces. One of my clients walked into a private showing and could not stop going towards a ‘cages by eliza’ peridot piece. She even joked, “I can’t stop looking at this necklace”! I did not have the meaning cards for each piece out, but when I pulled the card for her necklace, she gasped and could not believe how the stone energy resonated so perfectly with her. She had decided to finally make her dream to live in London a reality, had left her job and booked her ticket for the transition. Peridot “assists in moving the wearer forward and bringing new into their life. It helps release people or situations (‘baggage’) from the past that could be counterproductive to their future. It aids in looking to the future with a better understanding of their destiny and spiritual purpose.”

This happens all of the time and I don’t know if I will ever tire of being amazed with each instance. I have another client that purchased a piece of jewelry based on what “called” to her at that time in her life. When her life progressed to a new stage, she returned to purchase a new piece that called to her for the new direction of her life journey.

People are drawn to the stone that has the energy most relevant to their current life circumstances. If “Soul Progress” is calling to you, it means you are supposed to have it! There is something in the stone that you need. 😉

Valentine’s Day is almost here. I want to be my own best friend. What do you think would be the perfect piece to gift myself with?

I’m a big believer that Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about getting gifts from a loved one or giving gifts (though I think that’s all wonderful too)! But the ability to give and receive love also comes from accepting yourself as you are. So Valentine’s Day can be about celebrating your independence and appreciating who you are today, in this moment.

For you personally, Liz, I think “Soul Progress” is in your purchasing future. Others that aren’t sure what they want to purchase can browse through our new section on Stone Meanings, Birthstones and Zodiac signs for ideas. I also invite people to get in a peaceful location, open their mind and heart, sit with the website and shop until they see what keeps drawing their eye. What’s ‘calling’?


I like to fill up my shopping cart with everything I love and then narrow it down from the cart. Although with the stones “calling” you, this can make the narrow down process a little trickier! I recently read the quote, “Nothing haunts us like the purchase we didn’t make.” It’s so true and if that’s happening with a stone, it’s meant to be yours!

What are your recommendations for a piece of soul nurturing jewelry to give your mother for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or a birthday?

Mothers love to know that they made an impact on your life and that you love and appreciate them as much as they love you. So a little sentimentality goes a long way. For this reason I recommend custom orders so clients can pick the stones for their pieces. Selecting a ‘cages by eliza’ with the birthstones of her children (this can be furry children of the four-legged kind too) is lovely.

We also offer gift cards which gives her the gift of picking out something all her own. She might love the idea of time to shop for herself, personalize her piece and pick something that resonates with her style and energy! Sometimes the name of a piece might help for selecting a piece for mom such as “Pillar of Strength”, “Positivity of Pink”, “Peace” or “Crystal Calm Blue”.

Completely unsure what to get? Call ELIZA Designs LA at 310-890-4084 and we’ll see if we can’t help you pick out the perfect piece.

Connect with Amy and ELIZA Designs LA through social media. Find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.