Let’s talk about dog shampoo. Is your dog dirty? Does your dog have allergies? Do you have the most pampered pooch on the planet and you only want the best for him/her? This week, we’re chatting with Cecil Winzer of Dirty Paws Pet Care. Right now, Read on to hear about this dog loving company.

Dirty Paws Pet Care is 100% natural. Tell us the story about your passion for making an all natural pet care line?

While in school at The University of Texas as a chemistry major, I studied the effects of chemicals and petroleum in body care products. I had skin issues with various body care products when I was growing up and now I could study and understand the effects the petro-chemical ingredients were having on my skin. Once I saw the effects, I vowed to find and develop natural alternatives.

What are the name of your pets and which is their favorite product?

We have several dogs in our extended family, Azul, Bo, Dagger, Bolt, Dash, Turbo, Sally and Posh. They all love getting a bath with Dirty Paws Dog Shampoo and they smell great for weeks!

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Are you for real that you are the only place to get all natural dog shampoo? What’s the story behind why you made this amazing shampoo?

My Shar Pei, Azul, developed some skin issues and nothing the vet recommended including medicated shampoos were working. So, having made liquid soaps and other body care products for humans, I decided to try making a dog shampoo that would work for Azul. I know we make quite a claim about being the only 100% natural dog shampoo on Earth, but we have looked at hundreds of other “natural” dog shampoos out there and nothing comes close. We put the challenge out there for anyone to find another 100% natural dog shampoo, we would love to see it!

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What is in the pipeline for Dirty Paws Pet Care? What can we expect to see next?

Our next product will most likely be a Dog Lotion. It may sound far fetched to some, but there is a demand out there. We already make a great natural lotion for humans, so it’s mostly a matter of putting the packaging and label together. We also make natural scented sprays for humans, so that may be another great product for dogs between baths.

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Can you tell us why it’s important to consider natural products for our pooches?

Dog skin is very similar to human skin and our studies have shown that the petro-chemical products on the market damages dog skin just as much as human skin. We sell our product at local farmers’ markets and we have customers coming up to us desperate over their dog’s skin condition. We ask them to try Dirty Paws Dog Shampoo and they come back a week or two later so thankful that the shampoo cleared up the condition they were having. With literally hundreds of stories like this over the last 10 years, we are very confident in our product’s ability to provide the best care for your dog’s skin.

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