Let’s say hello to Kristy Jevons of Cheeky Flamingo.

Owner Kristy Jevons always thought that apparel should be as versatile and transformative as the people who wear it.

Tell us about Cheeky Flamingo and what it was that made you decide to start a business.

The Cheeky Flamingo is an apparel company that I started which is made up of simple and versatile clothing options for just about any body type! The items that I make allow you to be creative and wear them however suits your style.

I always had a creative side, but after getting my Associates degree in Fashion Design and not finding a job, I resorted to waitressing for about 5 years…I definitely felt like something was missing. I was lucky enough a few years ago to land a part time job with a small custom wedding shoe company (so much fun) and then a small apparel company which was more similar to what I had in mind of my own future company. After some time at these jobs, I was back on track and motivated to get “The Cheeky Flamingo” started!

The blanket scarves are lovely and look so warm. Can you tell us the different ways that a person can use one?

When I started Cheeky Flamingo last spring, I had mostly lightweight summer styles. I was going to local festivals selling my apparel. This was a great way to get feedback and learn what styles worked and what styles weren’t so popular. By the end of summer, I realized I needed to come up with a style that would work for winter. With how popular ponchos have become and combining that with the super popular blanket scarf, I came up with the “Berkshire Blanket Scarf Top.”

The Berkshire Blanket Scarf Top can be worn 4 main ways, which is shown on the packaging of the product – seam to the front, seam to the side, seam to the back or as a scarf. One side is completely open which makes this cozy accessory a one size fits all. I started with all plaids but have since added in a solid black and soon some more solid colors will be available as well.

Although I thought this was just going to be a winter style. I realized this is ideal for year round. It is cozy and warm but it is very breathable and not too heavy. Perfect for summer nights as well. Or if you live in a place like me – Colorado – and the weather can change on the drop of a dime, this is something that you can just throw in your purse in case you need an extra layer at any point in the day!


What are your recommendations for gift giving? If I want to give a Cheeky Flamingo scarf to a friend or loved one, how do I know which one to choose?

The Berkshire Blanket Scarf Top makes a great gift. As I said before, it is one size fits all and a very versatile accessory. It is great for traveling as well. My customers have told me time and time again that they receive plenty of compliments on their Berkshire scarf every time they wear it. I offer many colors and soon will offer even more. From solid black or neutral blues and tans to fun colorful plaids, there’s an option for everyone. I am now offering free shipping on all orders through my website within the USA. I am working on shipping options for other countries on my website, but in the meantime anyone from other countries can order through my Etsy shop.

Do you have different designs for spring? What can we look forward to when the weather gets warmer?

I am working on packaging and more options for my “summer scarf” which will be ready in the spring. These lighter weight scarves can also be worn as a vest or bathing suit cover up. I have a few new styles in the making and will debut them as I grow my business. I am very excited to see what the future holds and can’t wait to work on new designs. Being such a new business, feedback is always welcomed and appreciated.