Meet Rae Alexander over at Celestial Balance in Vancouver, Washington. Their brick & mortar shop has everything that you can imagine in the way of body products (and yummy home fragrances.) Plus, they have an online shop.

Please tell our readers what made you start your business, Celestial Balance.

Prior to pursuing herbalism in a serious and significant way, I attended college in the early 90’s in New Mexico in pursuit of a degree in Microbiology in preparation for medical school. With all of my pre-med requirements met and applications accepted to several medical schools, I found myself in a life changing accident. That accident is what prompted me to go from a dabbling herbalist to a fully engaged, voracious learner of herbal medicine. I began formulating and making body products over 20 years ago. I mainly gave them as gifts to close friends and families with skin issues.

Research of and an in depth understanding of each and every ingredient used, how it behaves in a formulation, the synergy of interaction with the other ingredients and how it benefits the skin became an obsession. Friends and family shared my body products with others and next thing I know I am making small batches of lip balms and lotions and soaps for others to buy. When I sat down and was trying to figure out what I wanted out of life and what I wanted to do for a living, this just made sense to me and to those who were already using my products.


You have a lot of candles in your shop and I’m a candle freak. What are some of your best selling scents? What will you be burning this summer?

Right now the top seller is Ginger and Saffron, Rose and Nag Champa. I have Lilac Festival in my wax melter right now. It is my favorite flower scent and my florals are dead on perfect! I mix it up and have some great layered candles that will be hitting the shelves soon!

Can you tell us about your goat’s milk lotion and what qualities that it has that are different from something that you might pick up in the drugstore?

I make every product in our line from scratch and with great ingredients. My lotion does not leave a greasy film on your skin, instead, thanks to the goat milk, it sinks in and actually nourishes your skin. Goat milk is full of great stuff like essential fatty acids, triglycerides and the most the important vitamin to the skin, Vitamin A! The acid in Goat milk helps shed the top layer of old, dry skin cells and brings the plump, juicy new skin cells to the surface. This leaves your skin feeling softer and in less need of moisturizer over time.


What are your best ideas for gift giving? Do you offer gift certificates?

Most of our products have several products in matching scents. I like putting together sets of a soap, lotion, candle or Zen Fizzie. For the beer lovers a six pack of mixed scented beer soap is an awesome gift and we offer gift certificates as well.


Tell us about your faerie spray. Do fairies fly out of the bottle when you spray it?

Faerie sprays are a magical concoction made from the raw plants and turned into a glorious spray that can be used as a facial toner, room spray, linen spray and if you are super sincere and very quiet you might actually summon faerie folk!

You can connect with Rae via social media – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.